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  • Book on the basis of only one tutorial per week unless agreed by a tutor.
  • Book a 30-minute or up to 60-minute tutorial for yourself or a small group (up to three students).
  • Important: For groups, you will need to nominate one person to book the group session on-line.
  • Please come with clear objectives for the tutorial.

To cancel a booked appointment, please use the online booking system.

Bookable on the Day

  • Available to book from 8.00 am each weekday morning.
  • Use booking system to find out when these sessions are available.
  • Suitable for quick queries or urgent questions for general academic skills and Maths (including stats).
  • Available during term time at each campus.
  • You can have up to half an hour with a tutor to look at a specific issue.

If you need further help please contact us by email