Need study help for summer resubmissions and resits?

June 27, 2013

When you receive your results, if you have not passed all modules, you may want some advice and support to help with your assignment re-submissions or resit exams.

The “Learning Support team” ( EDIC and Study Advice Newport) can provide support with a tutor to help with your assignments or revision and exam technique.

  • Our study skills tutors can look at your assignment and give you support to improve your academic performance.
  • Our maths tutorials are offered either to individuals or to small groups working on the same topic.
  • All our sessions are provided in a friendly and relaxed environment.

We also suggest how you can work to practice and improve your skills after the tutorial. Plus, there is a range of self help guides and information on-line on our Self Help page within each of our subject areas: Study Skills, Maths & Stats, Welsh and IT.

We can give advice over the phone, or arrange for you to see one of our tutors. Our tutors are available throughout the summer to help you to improve your work, prepare well for these repeat exams and learn how to answer questions under exam conditions.

During the summer vacation period we are open, but with reduced working hours. Full details are available on our Opening Times and Locations page.

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