Study Skills

Whilst at Higher Education all students need to become effective and independent learners, sometimes in a very short period of time and in ways that are unexpected. Study skills or study strategies are approaches applied to learning. It is worth taking the time to become aware of the various skills, concepts and principles needed to become a better learner and you can do this by either talking with someone or by using our online resources to develop independently. You might actually find that they help improve your performance, employability and learning throughout your life.

Talk to someone

Our study skills tutors offer informal tutorials and drop-in sessions in a friendly and relaxed environment. Sessions are available on a one-to-one basis or for very small groups. The chance to learn as a group is also offered by attending workshops on specific topics.

Self-directed learning

We offer a wide range of self study materials at each campus and online.

You might want to develop academic skills that can enable you to study and learn efficiently: writing, referencing, analyzing, researching, managing your time, and reflecting.

And/or you can concentrate on specific assignment types such as essays, reports, presentations, literature reviews, examinations and dissertations.