Types of Assignments

Not sure what the standard requirements are for an essay, a report, a literature review? Have been asked to do a Presentation? Not sure what a Dissertation is? Or, would you like some tips and techniques for passing exams? It can be useful to know what’s involved in compiling particular assignments used as forms of assessment at university.

As part of the Study Skills for Higher Education series, in collaboration with iTunes U, three eBooks are now available on Exams, Presentations and Writing Academic Assignments. You can download them to a device of your choice.

The basics

Basic principles of essay writing.

Do it in stages

An online tour through the four stages of the essay writing process.

Essay questions

Video tutorial on answering essay questions and planning.

Using evidence

Video tutorial on targeted reading and use of evidence.


Satisfy your lecturer with well ordered essays.

Being critical

Video tutorial on what it means to be a critical student.

Essay writing

How to write academically in each part of the essay.


To help you reference your sources.

Grammar/ Punctuation

Practice your grammar.

Tried and tested process

An interesting way to explain essay writing!

Academic writing style

It helps to understand academic writing.

Clear communication

Academic writing, editing and proofreading.

You might also think about…

  • Attending a workshop on Essay Writing. You might also want to consider other workshops such as Referencing, Critical Analysis, Paraphrasing, Reading Effectively and Notetaking. Bookings are made online, or you can request a workshop if you’ve missed or the times/dates are inconvenient for you.
  • Weekly classes to help you improve your English writing skills – run by us. Get in touch to find out if you are eligible.
  • In-sessional English classes run by the Centre for International English Students.
  • Setting up a writing club. Contact us and we might be able to help you.
  • Booking a tutorial for yourself, or with a group.
  • Emailing us to arrange how we can support you if you are not on campus.