Types of Assignments

Exam preparation

Top 10 tips to help you prepare for your exam.

Revision strategies

For different kinds of exam.

During the exam

Useful ‘in the exam’ advice and for tackling difficult questions.

Essay exams

Writing essays under exam conditions.

Taking tests

Advice on objective, problem solving, multiple choice and lab tests.

Overcoming test anxiety

Help to beat test anxiety.

Memory aids

Practical tips to help you remember more.


Advice on dealing with exam nerves.


Understanding the physical symptoms of stress.

Relaxation exercise

Simple breathing technique to manage pre-test anxiety.

Increasing recall

Study methods to aid recall – Pdf.

Revising for exams

Maximise your chances of doing well in exams.

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You might also think about…

  • Making an appointment with the Wellbeing Service if you feel that your nerves and anxiety are preventing you from revising or performing well under exam conditions.
  • Weekly classes to help you improve your English writing skills – run by us. Get in touch to find out if you are eligible.
  • In-sessional English classes run by the Centre for International English Students.
  • Booking a tutorial for yourself, or with a group to discuss revision and exam techniques.
  • Managing your time is an important aspect of exam preparation and revision. The time management section might provide some ideas on how to organize yourself and revising for your exams.