Academic Skills

You might want to develop academic skills that can enable you to study and learn efficiently. Having the ability to manage your time, research, reference, analyse, reflect and write well are such skills. All are essential whilst at University and extremely useful within a work environment.

As part of the Study Skills for Higher Education series, in collaboration with iTunes U, three eBooks are now available on Exams, Presentations and Writing Academic Assignments. You can download them to a device of your choice.

The basics

A guide on the basics of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Grammar and punctuation

To help you improve your writing.

Subject/verb agreement

Covers basic principles with exercises.

Verb tenses

A chart for all tenses of English verbs.

Practice your tenses

Practice exercises for verb tenses.

More Tense exercises

You can never practice your verb tenses enough!


A video story and exercises on the use of a/an/the in English.

Transition words/phrases

Use specific words/ phrases to good effect.


Knowing the basic parts will make it easier to write any sentence in English.

Word order

It is important to know how to arrange words in sentences.

Academic writing style

It helps to understand academic writing.

Passive voice

The passive voice creates a new subject and is useful for formal writing.

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What else is on offer?

  • Weekly classes to help you improve your English writing skills – run by us. Get in touch to find out if you are eligible.
  • In-sessional English classes run by the Centre for International English Students.
  • Setting up a writing club. Contact us and we might be able to help you.
  • Discussing your writing face-to-face by booking a tutorial for yourself, or with a group.