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Staying safe Jan 2021.png                                                                  Firstly, the Study Skills team offers you all a warm welcome back after the holidays.

To ensure that all students remain as safe as possible, there have been various measures put in place:

The asymptomatic testing facilities have reopened this week and all students are able to and advised to book themselves a test. The Testing centres will remain open until the 27th of January and all students are urged to take two tests, three days apart and ‘lay low’ for those three days in between tests. Laying low means that you are only permitted to gather indoors with YOUR OWN household and includes not mixing with any other households.

You can book your test using this link:

In addition, students may request to study remotely for term two and these requests should be done through their courses’ respective faculties. It has been confirmed that students from England or Scotland are still able to travel to Wales in order to move into their term time accommodation. 

Below are some links you may find useful if you would like to chat to a fellow student as part of the mentoring team, or speak to someone who can provide you with specific help and support if you're struggling to cope at the moment with everything that's happening:

Student Mentoring

Health and wellbeing

If there are any queries, please get in touch with the team and we will try our best to respond as soon as possible.

On behalf of all the SDSS team,

Stay safe and stay connected.

Please note:  We are currently updating all our guides (as Pdfs).   Please continue to use and enjoy them; If one is not available, however, email us with the title and we will provide a copy directly to you.

Student success

We offer advice, information and resources to help you raise your aspirations, improve your academic performance and develop transferable skills for employment.

Want to know about referencing, plagiarism, literature reviews, critical analysis, academic writing style, maths and statistics? A helping hand is available at the Study Skills Service.




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