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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for students intending to use the Study Skills Service over the coming weeks.

Following the latest advice from government and the university as of now all face-to-face appointments are cancelled until further notice. This includes workshops.

The study skills team will still continue to provide email tutorials, and these can be booked following the steps on our Book an Appointment page.

We will also be able to offer support via Collaborate and telephone, and we will continue to offer our Ask a Tutor service for quick queries.

For any general enquiries please email as usual.

We look forward to resuming our normal service and in the meantime we encourage you to take care of your own health and that of those around you by staying up to-date with the government health advice guidelines.

The Study Skills Team

 Please note all information outlined above relates to generic study skills tuition. Students with a diagnosis of ALN/SpLD who require specialist study skills tuition, please contact the USW disability team, or email 

Use our booking system to find out when tutorial sessions are available, as they will vary each week, and at each campus.

Ask a Question

Or email directly to


You might find the answer to your question from our frequently asked questions.  

You can book:

One tutorial in one week:

  • Book on the basis of only one tutorial per week unless agreed by a tutor.
  • Please aim to come with clear objectives for your tutorial.
  • We monitor our bookings, and if you have booked more than one, we will cancel all but the first appointment made if you do not have a chance to do so yourself.

Group bookings:

  • Book a tutorial for yourself or a small group.
  • For groups, you will need to nominate one person to book the group session online. If booking for more than three, please email, because we will need to book a more suitable room.

Statistics Tutorials 

Please be aware that we do not advise on statistical analysis for project work or SPSS.

Skype or email appointments 

Skype and email appointments are available.  These are indicated as Study Skills - Email when booking online.  If you wish video chat, please let us know in advance by emailing or by adding a note to your reservation slot when booking the appointment.   

If you DO NOT have a confirmation email, the appointment has not been booked.
To cancel a booked appointment, please use the online booking system.
If you need further help please contact us by email

Booking an online tutorial

Study Skills

To have your work looked at online please:

  1. Book an appointment using Study Skills-Email, through the online booking system Advice Zone Online.  
  2. Email your document as a word doc. attachment (not a link) to
  3. Mark it ‘For The Attention Of:’ the tutor you have booked with before the appointment time (the morning of the appointment day or the day before is soon enough – emailing it earlier is unlikely to result in it being seen earlier).
  4. Your work will be returned on/before the end of the appointment with feedback. Please be aware an automated message from AZO will prompt you to click on a link following your appointment for you to receive feedback on your work. Only your University email address is used to contact you.     
  5. Feedback is usually given using the software ‘Track Changes’, which allows you to see all comments, edits etc. the tutor has made. Accept or reject the changes using the buttons behind the Review button on the Word toolbar.
  6. If you have any queries regarding any of the feedback the tutor will be happy to explain further.


  1. Book an appointment in the same way as you would book a face-to-face appointment through the online booking system Advice Zone Online (on any campus).
  2. Make an enquirer’s note that it is an online appointment.
  3. Send us an Email with the subject ‘Maths Support’ at, stating when your appointment is, what topic you would like to cover, and whether you would like to have an online tutorial (requires sound and microphone) or correspond with a maths tutor by email.
  4. If you have selected to have an online tutorial, you will receive an email with a link to access our online learning environment at your appointment time.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you require the appointment through the medium of Welsh or English.  Please note, it may be necessary to arrange for a simultaneous translator to be present.