Academic Misconduct

If you have been referred to study skills for academic misconduct  – first of all – don’t worry! 

Our experienced staff understand you may be a little anxious about being referred; try not to be nervous, our role is simply to provide advice and guidance to help you develop the necessary skills to avoid committing any further academic misconduct offences.

Most commonly students are referred to us for plagiarism, and/or high similarity , although you may be referred for any of the academic misconduct offences listed in our academic misconduct guide. 

When you are referred for plagiarism, we offer support and advice on referencing and paraphrasing to help you understand where you went wrong so that you can avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

Your referral to the study skills service is completely confidential.

Take a look to see more details about plagiarism and other categories of academic misconduct. 

Referral for plagiarism/high similarity

How we can help 

We offer one-to-one support as well as workshops. Following your session we will log your attendance and detail the areas covered.  This is completely confidential, and records are deleted every two years.  This can be used as proof of attendance should you need it.


One-to-one support for referencing

During these sessions we provide support to help you understand:

  • How and when to reference
  • Citation order - helping you to be confident that the right details are in the right place.
  • How to insert quotations so that the reader can see exactly who said what, and when. This is important as your lecturer needs to be able to find the information you use in your assignments if they need/want to.
  • How to effectively use the guide so that you get your references spot on! 

We may go through some Powerpoint slides and/or look at other resources on referencing.

Completing some referencing exercises will help build your confidence.

Some students bring a piece of work so that we can go through it together and look at areas that may present referencing/paraphrasing problems.

We also provide support to help you improve your paraphrasing skills, encouraging you to think about why it is important and how to do it.

When you book the appointment, please advise us (in the enquiry notes section on the booking page) what you have been referred for support with, eg. referencing/paraphrasing.

If you can’t get an appointment then please email [email protected] explaining that you have been referred and advise us of date of referral and the last attendance date (which is on your referral form). 

We will do our best to find you an appointment so that you meet the deadline.

The study skills service is very popular, so early booking is advised to help avoid a “Can’t get an appointment” situation.



Some students prefer to attend a workshop when they have been referred for support with referencing. Referencing workshops run regularly throughout the autumn and spring terms. We also run paraphrasing workshops. 

Details of dates and times for these will be available on our Workshop booking page.

If you can’t attend one of the set workshops, you can request one. Please note that there must be a group of three or more in order for us to run a workshop for you. We will do our best to find a date and time that suits you. To request a workshop please email [email protected].

USW Referencing Guides

Please see our Referencing webpage where you will find the full range of resources available to help you improve your referencing.

You should download and keep a copy of the reference guide for your subject.