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Study Skills Tutorials

Our tutorials are one-to-one or small group opportunities to talk to a tutor about your assignment work, academic writing and referencing skills. Maths and Statistics tutorials are also available.

Book on-line and choose from On-Campus, Teams, Email or Telephone options, as available. Appointments may have some or all of the options available.

Please note all information outlined on this page relates to generic study skills tuition. Students with a diagnosis of Additional Learning Needs or have a Specific Learning Difficulty who require specialist study skills tuition, please contact the USW disability team, or email [email protected].

To avoid confusion, or disruption to your session with the tutor please note the following:

  • Book ahead – this is a busy service and we cannot create appointments on demand.
  • Attend/ be available on time or send your work ahead of your tutorial time.
  • Please book only one appointment a week – multiple bookings will be cancelled with the retention of the first booking made.
  • For group bookings please nominate one student to make the booking and make a note on the booking.
  • Bookings can be cancelled on-line – please avoid late cancellations where possible.

What you can expect:

  • You will receive a confirmation email when you book – a room number may appear, but is only applicable if you have chosen an on campus option.
  • For Teams appointments you will receive a link ahead of your tutorial.
  • For Email appointments please forward your work as a word document to the Study Skills email for the attention of the tutor ahead of your booked appointment, or you can attach it to your booking online (please note that links are often unreliable and can cause loss of tutorial time).
  • For Telephone appointments please take the call in a quiet place with good signal.
  • You are expected to apply the advice given to your work in general – we are not a proof-reading service and we are not able to correct your grammar throughout. Neither can we advise on content.

Welsh Language:

If you require a Welsh translator for your appointment please contact us in the first instance to organise this.

Use our AZO booking system to find out when tutorial sessions are available.

Ask us a question via Advice Zone Online or email us directly: [email protected].

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