One-to-one appointments – safety guidance for students

One to one appointments are now available on campus.  
These are in addition to appointments accessible via Teams, email and telephone.

Please read the guidelines below:

  • If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please do not attend and cancel your appointment.
  • Screen sharing will be avoided, so please send any documents in advance – you will have the option of sending attachments when you book your appointment.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with these guidelines, contact [email protected] and consider booking an online Teams, email or telephone appointment.


Please note all information outlined below relates to generic study skills tuition. Students with a diagnosis of ALN/SpLD who require specialist study skills tuition, please contact the USW disability team, or email [email protected] 

One appointment/tutorial per week limit

  • Book on the basis of only one appointment per week and any length of appointment counts as one tutorial.
  • We monitor our bookings, and failure to respect this will result in cancellation of any double bookings, and retention of only the first appointment made.  
  • We expect extracts of your work and provide as much feedback as possible within the allotted appointment time.  

Confirmation and cancellation

  • You will receive a confirmation email to your USW student email address when your appointment has been successfully booked.
  • To cancel a booked appointment, please use the online booking system.

Group bookings

  • For groups, you will need to nominate one person to book the group session and until further notice all group sessions will take place remotely.  
  • When the nominated student books the appointment for the group you need to choose the appointment type ‘Microsoft Teams’.  Then include in the enquirer’s notes the names of the other students who wish to attend. Alternatively, you can send us an email with the names of all attendees.  

NOT a proof-reading service

We do not offer a proof-reading service, ie, we do not undertake to correct grammar and spelling throughout your assignment.  Students are responsible for applying advice given in a tutorial to the rest of the work and in future assignments. 

Statistics tutorials limitations 

We do not advise on statistical analysis for project work or SPSS.

Welsh language tutorials

Please let us know at the time of booking if you require the appointment through the medium of Welsh.  Please note, it may be necessary to arrange for a simultaneous translator to be present.  

Study skills appointments are offered on campus, by email, video call (Microsoft Teams) and by telephone.  The types of appointment options available to you will be indicated at the booking stage.   Filter for Study Skills in the first instance and a list of available appointments will appear.    

A drop-down menu outlines the types of appointment on offer for each possible booking.  In some instances, you will have the following options:  On campus, Email, Microsoft Teams, Telephone.   However, there will be times when only one type of appointment is available.   When there are more than two types, you can choose the best option for you. 

If you choose an on campus appointment, the room you need to go to is indicated in your booking information.  You will be expected to attend in person in the room, at the day and time stated in the booking.

If you choose a Microsoft Teams remote appointment, you will be asked to provide an email address, and a tutor will be in touch with a Microsoft Teams invite.  You need to accept the invite for the appointment to take place remotely on the day/time you have booked.

If you choose to have support via email, please carry out the following:

  • Please send files, preferably a day or several hours before your appointment.
  • Send Microsoft Word attachments only (no weblinks please) to [email protected]. The subject title should be ‘FAO [insert tutor name]’.
  • Please be aware an automated message from AZO will prompt you to click on a link following your appointment for you to receive feedback on your work. Only your University email address is used to contact you.     
  • If you have any queries regarding any of the feedback the tutor will be happy to explain further.

You are able to choose to have a maths appointment online or on campus.  When offered more than one appointment type, you can choose which type you prefer.   Sometimes there will be only one type on offer.

If you choose an on campus appointment, the campus and room in which it will take place is indicated at the time of booking.

Online maths appointments

If you have booked an online appointment, an invitation to join your tutorial will be sent to your student account before your appointment time. Online tutorials can be booked for a small group of students studying on the same module. If you are booking for a group then please email [email protected] with the student numbers of the others who would like to attend.

Use our booking system to find out when tutorial sessions are available.

Ask a Question

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