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About Us

Academic Study Skills Tutors help students to refine their technique when researching, preparing, presenting or writing work for their university course.

You can engage with us in several ways: 

  1. Use the ‘Ask a Tutor Service’ 
  2. Attend a Study Skills workshop
  3. Reserve an appointment for a one-to-one Study Skills tutorial

Ask a Tutor

SDSS provides an ‘Ask a Tutor’ service, which is available via email between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. We offer answers to brief queries relating to Study Skills. You can expect a response within twenty-four hours during weekdays. The service is most suitable for specific referencing queries or directions to relevant resources. If you require detailed and extensive advice, we recommend that you reserve a separate Study Skills appointment.

Email: [email protected]

What to Expect

Our support enables you to refine your academic skills for effective study and learning. We advise upon a wide range of topics, including, fundamental basics such as grammar, punctuation and academic writing styles. We also advise upon more complex tasks, for example, a range of referencing techniques, academic analysis, reflective writing and critical engagement.

Support from an Academic Skills Tutor is free to any USW student. If you have completed a DSA assessment, you might want to find out what the Specialist Study Skills Tutors can offer you.