Digital Skills

Most courses will require the use of basic digital skills, for example, to be able to email, create and edit documents, and access learning materials from the university learning environment. At first, you may find some of these tasks unfamiliar, particularly when you are making the transition to studying at university level. 

Develop your digital skills independently

You may want to make use of self study materials available to help you become more proficient in IT in your own time. 

USW also provides loads of services and facilities to help with any IT, Media and Technology related issues, and support your technology-based learning.

Sometimes the best way is to talk to someone!

We can help with basic digital skills. You can make initial contact via email or ask a digital mentor by clicking the image on the left. You can also make an appointment with a tutor which may help you get started. 

Learning resources

There are a variety of resources to help you improve your digital skills in your own time. Some free guides called Need to Know IT are available to collect from our centres, but we have a much wider range of these guides available online

YouTube has all kinds of short vodcasts on how to carry out functions within any Microsoft packages.


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