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Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Standard Form

Number systems

Rearranging equations

Linear & Quadratic equations


Indices, Logs & Exponentials 


Hyperbolic functions

Solving Triangles

Trig Graphs, Radians

Trig Equations & Trig Identities

Forces, Moments 

Friction, Momentum

Equations of Motion

Differentiation, Integration

Differential equations

Laplace Transforms

Matrix Multiplication

Determinants, Inverse

Cramer’s rule

Argand Diagrams

Polar & Exponential Form

Trignometric Form

Useful websites

Learning resources:

  • HELM Workbooks* - 50 workbooks covering the engineering mathematics and statistics for first and second year students in typical UK undergraduate engineering courses (Loughborough University).
  • Mathcentre* – Maths learning and practice materials for making the transition to studying at university.
  • Math Tutor*– Video tutorials aimed at students making the transition to studying at university.
  • Khan Academy* – Extensive range of video resources suitable for all levels.
  • BBC GSCE Bitesize Revision Maths*
  • Wolfram Alpha* – Ask almost any maths or stats question and get a detailed answer.
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