Time management

Problems with time management tend to fit into two categories: the first is having too much to do in too little time and the second is not getting much done in plenty of time.   Let’s begin by dispelling a myth:

Many people believe that there is a direct relationship between study-time and academic success.  In other words, the more time you spend studying, the better you will do in examinations.  Unfortunately, this theory is misleading for two reasons.  First you can sit in front of your book for hours and yet achieve nothing because of a tendency to daydream.  In addition, research shows that it is the quality rather than quantity of your study that determines the richness of your learning.
(Moran, 1997, p. 29)

Strategies for organising and planning assignments.

Resolving problems with time management. 

We have put together some great resources to help you with your time management skills whilst studying at USW.   You might also want to try this quiz if you have difficulty starting work, leave things until the very last minute, or always put off tasks for today until tomorrow!  

Top time management apps for students 

Prioritise tasks to achieve assignment deadlines.

How to get organised and motivate yourself.

A schedule to complete an assignment.

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