Specific learning needs

About Us

The specialist study skills team aim to reduce any disability related difficulties you might encounter in your academic work. Specialist study skills tutors offer 1-1 study skills sessions that enable students to build their academic skills to allow them to study and learn efficiently. These skills range from basics such as grammar and punctuation to academic writing styles, researching, referencing, analysing, reflecting and time management. 

Specialist study skills support is funded as part of the Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) package. 

What to Expect

Specialist study skills tutors focus on areas of difficulty that have been identified in your Diagnostic report and  Needs Assessment Report. These can range from 

  • Breaking down assignment questions
  • Planning and structuring assignments
  • time management
  • Strategies to manage issues with attention and memory
  • Guidance on using assistive technology ( This is limited to basics as it is the responsibility of students to book and attend training sessions with technology providers)

Study skills tutors do not....

  • Correct every single spelling or grammar error although tutors provide guidance on how to do this
  • Proofread work (tutors can help with developing proof reading skills)
  • Find research materials for students
  • Change the content of students work ( all work submitted is the responsibility of the student and must be the students own work)

Screening and assessments to determine what support students with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) or  Specific Learning Needs (SpLD) require. 

Assistive and adaptive technologies and applications that make learning easier for students with ALN/SpLD

Alternate media solution that allows documents to be converted into accessible formats such as PDFs, MP3s, DAISY etc.