Whether you’re a learner of Welsh or studying in Welsh, you can have support from a Welsh tutor by booking a tutorial on a one-to-one basis, or in very small groups. We’ve also put some resources together if you would like to learn independently instead of, or as well as, receiving tutorial support.

Sometimes, the best way is to talk it through!

We offer support on a one-to-one basis, or in very small groups. You will need to book a tutorial for this kind of support.

Help to develop your Welsh skills and your study skills

We also have a selection of study skills materials for you to use in your own time.


You can book a tutorial on an individual basis or for a group (as long as you wish to discuss the same matter, of course).  If you are booking for a group then please email us so we can book a larger room: studyskills@southwales.ac.uk

Please make sure you indicate you require a Welsh speaking tutor.  Please submit your short question or specific problem via: studyskills@southwales.ac.uk

Learning resources

Our most popular handouts are available from our centres, and the full selection is available online. We also suggest some useful websites: 

Useful links for people studying through the medium of Welsh Are:

These are the two best dictionaries to help you with your academic writing:

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