Welcome to the Student Development and Study Skills Service

Congratulations on securing your place with us.  The first few weeks are an exciting time; a chance to make new friends, spark new interests and make a few unforgettable memories along the way. We, USW  Student Development and Study Skills are here to encourage you, to guide you and to assist you throughout your time as a student at USW.  Starting now, we have some guides to help you familiarise yourself with academic skills required for your studies, and some workshops starting soon to join in online.  

Enjoy our Start Right booklet for essential study tips for your first few weeks at USW.

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Start Right - Video Transcripts

We are here for you

We exist to support you on your academic journey, and we can do this by putting on workshops for you on study skills topics that you will find useful to your course, and providing one-to-one support for you so that you can work at your own pace.   We offer an inclusive service and will support any student, irrespective of learning need, and with study skills and maths.   We can also help you find fellow students to share your experiences with, and to become involved in helping other students too.   

SDSS website

Our website is the best place to start with lots of resources and signposting to all that we offer.  


We offer a range of different appointments, remotely at present, and face-to-face on request, by email.  For video chat and telephone appointments please email us with your availability.     


You might like to learn in a group, and with other people.   Find out what workshops we offer and how to book them.   You can also request a workshop as a group on one of the topics offered if times are not convenient.  


The Maths tutor has selected a range of guides on various topics to help you develop your maths.   Appointments are available for individual support. 

Specialist support

Specialist Study Skills tutors are on hand to support students with specific learning needs.  


More than ever you might find  it useful to speak to other students about their experience at University.  Our student mentoring scheme provides opportunities for you to do just that, and you might even want to get involved and become a Mentor yourself.   

Keep up to date with the latest from @USWStudySkills.