Workshops and clinics

During the Autumn and Spring terms we hold scheduled workshops and clinics designed to give students an understanding of the requirements of academic writing. 

Below you will find an indication of the types of workshops and more information on how the clinics work. 

Full details of dates, times and venues for these along with booking instructions will be available on this site soon after the beginning of the academic year/spring term.

We can also arrange workshops for small groups; please contact us with your details and requirements to request a workshop(see right).

Alternatively any of these topics can be discussed in an individual tutorial, and to do this you can book an appointment.

The academic writing clinics work on a drop-in basis and offer an opportunity to receive feedback on your referencing and writing skills in a piece of writing of up to 300 words. 

This workshop gives tips on formulating/refining your dissertation topic, planning and managing your project, research considerations, structuring methods and the academic requirements for writing it up. 

Many students lose valuable marks for not being able to reference correctly. This session will highlight good academic practice and skills to avoid plagiarism; it will concentrate on the use of the HARVARD system with particular reference to the USW style guide.

Reflective writing is an important skill to develop; this interactive session will introduce the main models for reflection, and encourages identification and understanding of key elements, including criticality, form, structure and balance.

A workshop that provides invaluable hints and tips to help you improve your written work and informally assess your current language strengths.

Paraphrasing is an essential skill when referring to the work of other people, and thus avoid plagiarizing. Attend this session for tips on how to paraphrase properly.

These workshops introduce you to the main features of report writing with particular emphasis on organising and presenting information in an appropriate format.

What makes a good essay? This workshop identifies key areas of the construction and writing of essays, enabling a more confident approach to developing the skills for this task.

Speaking in public is an essential skill at university or in a work environment. This session will look ways to achieve effective planning and organisation of its content, the use of visual aids, and a confident delivery, mainly in relation to academic presentations.

This workshop is designed to make studying more manageable. It encourages you to be more aware of how to organise your time, will help you develop an appropriate study strategy and use effective techniques for preparing, taking and filing notes from lectures and research.

You will find out how to develop your writing skills by adopting a more evaluative and critical stance with this workshop.

Academic writing clinics

This will be a time for you to get a 'diagnosis’ of your referencing and writing skills, or to get an answer for any quick query you might have regarding an assignment.

If you would like an assessment of your referencing and writing, please bring along up to 300 words from an assignment and a tutor will provide you with feedback.

No need to book, just pop in to whichever is the most convenient.

New dates will be announced soon.

Dates to be announced soon

Dates to be announced soon