Throughout the year we hold scheduled workshops designed to give students an understanding of the requirements of academic writing. 

Below you will find the topics for each of the workshops and all will last for up to 1 hour.   

Please note:   All workshops will be delivered remotely.  No booking required; please use the links in the timetable below to participate in any of the workshops convenient for you.   

We can also arrange workshops for small groups; please contact us with your details and requirements to request a workshop (see below).

Alternatively any of these topics can be discussed in an individual tutorial, and to do this you can book an appointment.

IMPORTANT: Please access our online workshops using your USW account to gain full access to all features of the Teams meeting.

Workshop Timetable - 2023/2024

Please note that new dates for workshops are added regularly, so keep an eye out for more sessions throughout the academic year!

This workshop gives tips on refining your dissertation topic, planning and managing your project, structuring the dissertation and the academic requirements for writing it up. 

02/05/24 - 2pm

Many students lose valuable marks for not being able to reference correctly. This session will highlight good academic practice and skills to avoid plagiarism; it will concentrate on the use of the Harvard system with particular reference to the USW style guide.

24/06/24 - 1pm

02/07/24 - 2pm

12/07/24 - 10:30am

17/07/24 - 11am

25/07/24 - 10am

31/07/24 - 2pm

Reflective writing is an important skill to develop; this interactive session will introduce the main models for reflection, and encourages identification and understanding of key elements, including criticality, form, structure and balance.

New to university? This session gives you the chance to explore what academic integrity means to you, and how you can uphold the principles of academic integrity as a USW student.

This workshop series provides Mathematics support for nursing students who would like help for their Safe Medicate exam. These workshops are designed to give a refresher on Maths strategies such as cancelling fractions and long division.  It is suitable for nursing students who have not done Maths for a long time or those who would like tips for working things out without a calculator.

Paraphrasing is an essential skill when referring to the work of other people, and thus avoid plagiarizing. Attend this session for tips on how to paraphrase properly.

10/07/24 - 2pm

These workshops introduce you to the main features of report writing with particular emphasis on organising and presenting information in an appropriate format.    

What makes a good essay? This workshop identifies key areas of the construction and writing of essays, enabling a more confident approach to developing the skills for this task.

Our exam prep workshop focuses on effective revision techniques and tips for recalling information and writing in exam conditions. You will also be encouraged to reflect on your own learning style and current revision methods.

A short overview of the key elements of academic integrity and how these can be upheld.

15/07/24 - 1pm

Speaking in public is an essential skill at university or in a work environment. This session will look ways to achieve effective planning and organisation of its content, the use of visual aids, and a confident delivery, mainly in relation to academic presentations.

This workshop is designed to make studying more manageable. It encourages you to be more aware of how to organise your time, will help you develop an appropriate study strategy and use effective techniques for preparing, taking and filing notes from lectures and research.

You will find out how to develop your writing skills by adopting a more evaluative and critical stance with this workshop.

04/07/24 - 3pm

23/07/24 - 1pm

This workshop will introduce you to the style and expectations of academic writing at HE.  It will help you get off to a good start with your assignment writing and give you confidence as you tackle your first assignments.

This practical workshop is run by experienced students who are there to help you use the USW systems effectively. Come along and ask about Turnitin, Blackboard, Unilife, Word, PowerPoint and appointment booking systems or to build your confidence with general IT tasks. Our Digital Support Mentors will guide you on your own, or a USW, device.

Request a Workshop

Group request: If you and a group of fellow students want one of the workshops listed in our series delivered on a specific date and time, please send us an email with details of what you want and when.  

If you are not requesting a workshop as part of a group but would still like the information on any of the listed workshop topics then you can book a study skills appointment in the usual way and ask the tutor to present the material one-to-one.

We look forward to hearing from you and doing our best to accommodate your request.

Digital Support and Meet-a-Mentor sessions

Our mentors are established students and happy to use their experience to help you.  They are here to help, so don’t be shy, drop on by!  

Our Student Mentors can help you with: 

  • using Blackboard and Unilife 
  • accessing USW systems, Wi-Fi and more 
  • basic Microsoft (e.g. Word/Powerpoint) 
  • general queries about studying at USW 

The Student Mentoring team.

If you require assistance or want to arrange a session, please email [email protected] and we will offer support as soon as we are able.  

Coming soon...

Pop in for a chat about university life or for digital support, with our Super Student Mentors. 

  • Digital Mentors are available Mon-Fri, 10:00-16:00 at Treforest in TRL116 (Study Skills Centre).

  • Available on Wednesdays, 09:00-11:00 on Glyntaff campus opposite the Advise Zone desk.

  • Available Mon & Thurs, 12:00-13:00 in Cardiff opposite the Advise Zone desk.

  • Available Mon 11:00-12:00, Tues 12:00-13:00, Weds 10:00-12:00 and Thurs 12:00-13:00 in Newport opposite the Advise Zone desk.